Notice for Amptech and This Old Synth customers which was directly hosted used to sub-host the This Old Synth and Amptech domains. is growing, and we decided to have it directly hosted. Along with this deciscion we decided not to renew the hosting contract on, but have retained the domain name.

YourWebSpun and Amptech are now sites hosted by Unfortunately the notice to not renew hosting of lost all access immediately, and they deleted the email account as well.

I did not get the chance to contact all of my past customers, but I'm hoping that as YourWebSpun can still be found and is part of the original URL, then folks will find his message and click-through using the above links.

Many thanks to all of my customers for letting me service your needs in the past, and hopefully the future too!

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A Fresh Approach

Our primary target is providing services to assist small companies and start-ups in establishing and maintaining a web presence. It makes absolute sense to keep your site fresh and up to date. Your customers will be attracted by a site that follows current trends, and regular content updates are a must. To be absolutely honest, we are not a shop to provide leading edge graphics, and consider bombarding a visitor to a site with with flash video and sound to be a big put off.

Where we excel is in providing clean and fresh looking sites, and being able to migrate your custom built departmental application to a wider audience through the web.

Examples of this are:

We are ready, willing, and able to leverage our professional services to either get you started , or to maintain an existing site. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.